Listen to therapeutic harp music samples below to get an idea of how it can benefit anyone needing relaxation, comfort or healing energy.

Take 5

Take a relaxing five minute break to tune into your breath. Think of five things for which you are grateful.

Two Swans

Picture a peaceful, glassy lake surrounded by verdant forest and majestic mountains. A pair of swans floats by, each with their own song.

Songs You Know By Harp

A medley of familiar songs (London Bridge, Row Your Boat, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and Brahms’ Lullaby) can be a fun way to teach and engage with your child. You could have them make up a story or movie with the music as a “soundtrack”. They could sing, clap or dance to the rhythm. The familiar tunes, gentle rhythms and comforting sound of the harp can also calm or soothe your child when it’s time to relax.